Forgotten Voyage: The Quiet Captain Abandon Ship! The one phrase mariner’s dread most is doubly dangerous in the Arctic Ocean. This is the story of the mission of a lifetime as William (Wild Bill) Donovan recruits the Quiet Captain to heist the remaining Uranium Ore from the Belgian Congo during WWII. The Captain and crew experience submarine and bomber attacks on the ‘Murmansk Run’ to Russia delivering lend-lease goods to the Russian Army to use against Nazi Germany. The crew must also be alert for danger from spies and saboteurs on ship and shore while they travel to exotic locations and meet beautiful women while saving the world for democracy.

Forgotten Treasure: America in Jeopardy – The second book in the Forgotten Series begins seventy years after Forgotten Voyage: The Quiet Captain ends. Officials call in Boston Police Detectives Brooks and Anderson to investigate the killing of a prominent history professor after a Boston graduate student discovers documentation of WWII uranium lost during a voyage to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, site of the first Manhattan Project Secret City. As the conflict escalates, it becomes obvious there is more on the line than personal grudges. The complicated investigation provides more questions than answers especially when The Department of Homeland Security

Contemporary thriller about a clever terrorist and the two Boston Policemen that chase him.

Forgotten Girl: Saving the Atomic City – WWII thriller about a deputy sheriff and her partner chasing saboteurs, not yet released.


A Call to Arms: The Quiet Captain – Alan McKnight, The Quiet Captain, a successful Captain commanding huge cargo ships on the Great Lakes responds to the patriotic ‘Call to Arms’ of the Roosevelt Administration’s lend-lease program. The Merchant Marine shipped survival and fighting goods to Allies including Britain and Russia.

Arctic Requiem: The Murmansk Run Captain Allan McKnight, is assigned to command his ship, the Curry, on the Murmansk Run, WWII’s most deadly mission. The trip guarantees threats including sabotage, U-boats, bombers and the unrelenting Arctic Ocean. Get an inside view of WWII’s most dangerous assignment.

OSS Pirates: Stealing Hitler’s Uranium The Quiet Captain has orders from OSS leader “Wild Bill Donovan” to sail his pirate ship into enemy territory to recover the remaining uranium ore from the world’s richest mine located in The Belgian Congo. Germany has defeated the Belgians and have a strong presence in the Congo. The first shipment is being refined by scientists of the Manhattan Project and the quality of the ore has given them a decided advantage over the German scientists in the race for an atomic bomb. To keep that advantage the remaining ore must be denied to the Germans taken to the United States.

Atomic Treasure Part 1: Discovery An Al Qaeda terror cell working to bring the movement back to prominence stumbles on a WWII Treasure hidden by the government and forgotten by history. Jealousy and fear drives the cell members into a lethal internal battle to claim credit. When the bodies begin piling up, Boston Police officers Anderson and Brooks attempt to sort out the players as well as the game.

Atomic Treasure Part 2: Recovery The last man standing from a terror cell in Boston relocates to Texas to recover a WWII treasure worth billions! There are only a few problems. It’s on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, it’s illegal, it weighs thousands of tons, it’s illegal and it’s radioactive. Other than that it’s just a matter of picking it up. Federal authorities and two states must cooperate to keep the treasure out of foreign hands.

Non Fiction

Schematic Capture, Spice Simulation and Layout

PCBARTIST 2 WITH LTSPICE DESIGNERS GUIDE – PCB Artist Version 2 Software Users Manual with instructions to automate use of spice from within the users interface. Also includes a SPICE simulation tutorial. *** Outdated 2013 Version. ***